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What make SoccerHub different from other NFT gaming projects?

Firstly, NFT soccer player in SoccerHub is not just a card, but a virtual player which could be transferred in the marketplace to form a better-skilled team by any Soccer Manager.

Secondly, all SoccerHub NFT soccer players are generated by Blockchain with random stastics, attributes & positions

Last but not least, betting system is run by Smart contract to make sure that all the results are fair play and guarantee the participant’s rights.

Is each character in game unique or will there be multiple copies?

We create our original NFT Soccer Players, each with their own implement fictional names related to the crypto world. These NFT soccer players can not be copied, they are the only-one players with discrete genes and skills.

Will a single user be possible to have multiple squads?

Currently, we are building a model of 1 wallet for a squad. If you wants to have multiple teams, you can use multiple wallets to register. We're also considering that any user have multiple teams with 1 wallet.

Will the in-game value of NFT's be determined by their in-game strength or rarity?

The answer is YES. Because the value of each NFT is different from each other and depends on their talents, skills, strength and training. Higher skills the NFT players get, higher values the soccer manager can earn at the transfer market.

What is SCH token utility?

You can use SCH token for:

- Payment for transferring NFT players

- Payment for soccer player's wage

- Payment for equipment & treatment packages

- Payment for training packages

- Payment for betting service

How many NFT players do I have to own to start playing?

In phase 1: For Minigame you will have to own at least 1 NFT player in order to participate.

In our phase 2: For Soccer Manager Game, you will need at least 23 players

How will your protocol use unpredictable variables to fairly influence game outcome in the matches?

The course of the match is calculated by using very complex formulas and based on the unpredictability of the blockchain, so there will be unpredictable variables like weather, the mental and physical fitness of the players, the training method, stadium facilities, audience enthusiasm, and a little bit of luck.

All results of soccer matches in Soccer Hub are decided by Smart contract so they can not be cheated. Therefore, it will make sure all the results are fair play and guarantee the participant’s rights.


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